18 January 2010

Home again

I've kinda been cheating with my posts while I've been gone, and just scheduled them all for each day. I didn't want to bring my laptop (and pay stupid 2,5 euro per 10 minutes) but I didn't want the blog to freeze for a week.
Ulicam shall not freeze!

Above are some pictures from Val Thorans, first a view from the 3200 meter top were you could see alps all around. My very unafraid Robert is the one jumping on the second photo. Not the kind of picture a sports magazine would have wanted... but I like it better when you can see a lot of body and not when they are holding on to the board like a little ball. Robert is the opposite of me in the mountains. I'm looking like a old lady with my skiis while Robert is flying off-pist with his board beeing all cool and thinking of more coolness while I'm probably thinking of hot coco. I guess that as long as I'm thinking of cuddly animals and trolls I'm never going to be a true coolness-skiing-girl ;)
There was a 24 hour busride home and only very little energy left in my body to celebrate my arrival with mashed potatoes and an episode of family guy. And... just my luck, today we're going away with school (yes: BUS) to småland to look at wood and spend the night sleeping in old beds and paying to much for simple food. I'm home tomorrow night and on wednesday I have class from early morning to very late evening.
And all I really want to do... is... reeeest. Just rest.


  1. jobbigt att du måste åka buss direkt efter den aslånga bussresan.. men men.. najs bilder iaf :)

    kolla in denna förresten: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OinrOnjzH_A&feature=player_embedded#

    du som gillar stop motion :)

  2. Hej!

    Kollade just din blogg och måste säga vad imponerad jag är! =D Vilka illustrationer du gör! Jag undrar hur mycket det kostar om du skulle göra någon av mig, för skulle verkligen vara superkul! Självklart skulle jag länka i så fall också, i bloggen.

    Ha det bra -Johan

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