03 January 2010


Robert gave me this thin 0,05 ink pen and this was the first thing I drew with it, on christmas night I think.
I'm home now and I would really like to watch some movies and eat peanutbutter but I don't know if I can beacuse I do have some school homework and on friday I'm of to France. Will there be time for Uli to be a slacker of her choise?


  1. hehe jag gillar den, med kottkjolen och fladdermössen.. men träden ser rätt onda ut!
    gött att du fått användning för pennan :D

    puss puss

  2. ääälskar kottkläningarna jag med..my favouriteeeeee

  3. What a cute drawing :)

    What about eating peanutbutter during some schoolwork? :)

    have a great 2010 and lots of fun o your trip!

  4. Thank you! Happy new years back at you :)

    (eating peanutbutter during homework would be distracting ;)

  5. love it

    nu lägger jag in din blogg som favorit, asfina tecknignar!