30 November 2009

Not so good

We were drawing nudes in school today (I hope you can say it like that), full format, and I just felt more and more tired and then I got really warm and then I felt dissy standing up so I said I'm going home and everyone else said bye bye.
So now I'm home. The cat is sitting on the only piece of paper on the table and staring at me. I have dancerehersal today so I'm gonna try and sleep for an hour and see how I feel after that.

26 November 2009

Like my rabbit

I AM from TronicStudio on Vimeo.

This clip reminded me a little of my rabbitslide, don't you think?
I found it through my new favorite inspirationpage

Details from my room

I feel like I spend less and less time in my room(probably beause I do).
But I think seeing how people live is really interesting.
So I show you some small glimses from it.

By the way, I forgot to brag, I got the designhistoryexam back last week, and I got a top grade ^_^

25 November 2009

How confusing

Sometimes the mind can play tricks at you. As can the minds of other people. They think something and then you think that they might think something completely else. See? No maybe not.
Or when you feel that you have upset someone but you don't know when it happend.
Or you think that they're mad at you but they aren't mad at you but since they're mad at something and you're talking with them it feels like they're mad at you but they're not and then they get mad because you always think it's about you.
They think you're mad at them... then they get mad... then you get confused and mad because they're mad at you.
I really just gives you a worried belly.

My bellydance didn't go very well. I only got a headache and I seem to have lost my finger cymbals (what the fudge??) wich sucks because we are performing next week and I really need them.

24 November 2009

This will be my new shirt

I'm at school... and so so so so supertired. Really feel like going home and sleeping. But I have a 4 hour photoshopclass and then bellydance right after that. Blee. Dance no. Sleep YES.

BUT - I found this shirt through ffffound and I think it's awesome!!

23 November 2009

Change a playground

Today I have my presentation of this playground. I forgot to make a final photo of the sketchmodel.. it had some really fluffy plants that loked like trees... oh well, I might be able to take a picture later on. The model is of course a little wrong, the rabbit should be longer at the back (were it's entrance is) but I just shake my misstakes away by saying that it's a rough sketchmodel, and then if people will say but that looks strange I will simply respond with so does your face. Then I will do a weird monkey dance to distract them.
And if they wonder why you enter through the rabbits ass I will say beacuse that's far more interesting.
By the time I'm done they'll all be going away to get coffe, laughing and talking about the power of the latest wacom tablet.

22 November 2009

Bye saturday

My sunny saturday is gone and I blew it all of to the bunnyproject (I'll show some pictures soon). But now I hava a free day so that's nice. Although it sucks wasting an intire day to get something done, it's better that way than tossint it out on two days. You should be.. tossing...
Patrik gave me some fantastic news yeasterday, it seems I have fiiiinally popped up on FFFFOUND!(my favorite website) Here I am. I've always wanted to get some of my work there just to "spread me around". This rocks.

Me, my faszha and Robert (and hopefully Mina as well) will start the day with pancakes and then figure out a place to run away to. I'm just afraid it's going to rain. Rain is Pain!

On monday after my presentation I think I will go christmasshopping ...yeeess ...yeesss.

Christmas! That means food! Christmasfoos is great.

21 November 2009

Twilight and Dawn

This is a picture of COWS during TWILIGHT (not like in the movie).
I love the blue light during Twilight and Dawn. In sweden it is called GRYNING and I just love saying GRÖTIG GRYNING or just saying GRYNING all by itself. I call both dawn and twilight gryning in sweden, wich really annoys everyone since gryning only means dawn, twilight is called skymmning - but how fun is it so say SKYMMNING? Not fun at all.
In lofoten I was famous for my "GRYNING!"-yells during twilight.

Saturday today, I'm stuck at the worktable, scanning sketches, glueing tiny sticks and listening to arabic music. Hopefully I'll get done by tomorrow so that I can have the day of.

19 November 2009

A trip to the forest would be nice

Or actually I would just like to lay like a potatoe at home and do absolutly NOTHING. This week has been a pain in my butt. I'm tired all the time. Not up for school at all (might be beacuse we are working with the ugly markers again) and I just keep daydreaming away. Today I left three hours earlier just to go home, hug the cat, make my first pumpkinpie and chill out for a bit. Then I went phonesearching. Need. New. Phone.
Tomorrow is friday though!! Yay horray! I hope next week will be better. It seems my bodies energy has gone of to vacation.

The illustration above is also a part of the cube puzzel.

18 November 2009

Tiny injuries

I'm makin this silly think for school, we have to change a public place, so I chose a playground and now I'm making a wooden rabbitslide. I have this huge butchersknife with which I cut these tiny woodpieces... and it hurts my hand beacuse the pieces are so thick and then my hand slips and then my fingers are bleeding and I'm like "Oh totters". But then I remeber when I made my mum buy me moominbandages and I put one happily on my finger. It off course slides off my finger one hour later when I'm cooking pumpkinsoup. Moominbandages aren't the best I'm afraid (and neither are the batman-ones).

17 November 2009


Sometimes he can be sweet. Sometimes he's just as rude as the swans in the park. Today he attacked my bag on the kitchen floor. Ate it and kicked it with his tiny rabbitfeet.

16 November 2009


Hello there?
Are you bored?
Does your computer have a webcam?
Please visite www.laphotocabine.com and have a wonderfull day!

15 November 2009

The park, part two

Some more pictures from the park, I really like dropping the camera really close to the water and just shoot from the hip.
It has been quite a lovely weekend. I think I can thank Robert for that.

14 November 2009

The park, part one

I had a long morning yesterday so I went to the park to feed the ducks. But it seems that the swans are taking over the place. They were really rude to everyone. Biting all the ducks that got in their way and snaping at me. Such poop-birds. Their beuty is like their ticket to life so they always act as rude as they wish.
But you know, as many have said before me, just beacuse you're pretty doesn't mean that you can act like a bitch.

13 November 2009

There's a little orange left

In some places it seems that autummn has pasted already, but if you just go outside the city you can still find some warm orange spots ;)

12 November 2009

Who is Göran?

This is another illustration from Roberts cube puzzel.
If you know me, you know that I really like plastic animals. Well, Göran is our dog, but he is not very much alive since he is made of plastic and really way to small to have a functional brain. I bought him on a fleamarket and he came along when we went canooing this summer and that is why... he... is... in a canoot. There was a big discussion if his name should be Örjan or Göran. I still like Örjan more though.

But now, my dear friends, it looks like I'm pretty much finished with my designhistory exam! I'm listening to Håkan Hellström, which I've never done before, but it takes my back to Lofoten when Patrik and Hampus used to play his music and then they always got really happy and wobbled with their feet :) Haha, oeh the wobbeling. So now I'm traying to stay in a swell mood. And also - you know what? I kind of feel like using color in my illustration. Crazy! It's crazy! Right?
If you kow me it's crazy.

I'm crazy.
Yes it's true :)

My sister is visiting Italy again, she's always so happy there, and that makes me happy too. I know how much she hates Swedish weather. Right now I hate it too though... going outside in the morning is like getting slapped around with a wet towel over and over again.
It's like... stop! Don't!
Stop slapping we around... or like the janitor in Simpsons said "stop slapping my willie around" hahahahaha!

11 November 2009


Moomoo sais the cow.
Or actually, these cows didn't say anything at all. But who needs words when you have love? Right right? Eeheeh.
They looked very cozy... and there was a small one to... so small and fussy, I just wanted to take him home and show him were I live, introduce him to our cat, show him our garden were nothing grows, show him how a flashlight works. We would have the best day. But somehow I think that the tiny cow would say
"I don't want to hang out with you any more"
and I would simply respond with
"I can't help my life is simple, you're beeing rude"
and the cow would say
" yes but I'm hungry"
and I would say
" Well I can't help you with that."
and the cow would say
" Well when are you going to eat"
and I would say
" I don't know"

10 November 2009

Who is Bengt?

In Roberts apartment there lives a little housegnome named Bengt.
Bengt isn't very nice. He doesn't do much around the house. He doesn't help to clean. He rather just makes a dirty mess. He's always grumpy and sometimes hints about his sexual frustration to me. He likes rats and old food. Sometimes he just disappears for a couple of weeks and comes home stinking of alcohol. We are worried but he doesn't want our help so what can we do?

This illustration is a part of Roberts cubepuzzel.

09 November 2009

The little troll Uli

Autumn is getting greyer.
But the light is photogenic so I guess that's nice.

I have to tell you something.
When I am ten years older, I won't be one of those people who say "Oeh if only I was twenty again - everything was so niiiice then!". Beacuse when you're twenty-something you're just confused. You don't know who you are and you don't know who you want to be. And it sucks not nowing anything.
I'm 21 and I don't know shit.
I would love to be confident. To simply know. Not to feel a lot of messed up things and have no idea why I feel them. I feel like an old fruit sallad. Just a lot of things stirred around and you don't really want to eat any of it.
I want to be able to talk to people and somehow get things straight in my head, but when I talk I just say I feel confused and I don't know why. I thought that when I would start going to the university I would stop feeling confused. But I do though.
And wouldn't it be cool to be one of those people who are really young but who just know what they want to do and exactly how to do it?
I think something is up. Up in my head. Or rather down.

I used to love taking selfportraits, but now when I look through the pictures I get a weird taste in my mouth. Even when I look myself in the mirror... it's like who's that little lady?

08 November 2009

There's the fox

...we drove and I had been talking about fox cubs rolling around in autumn leaves all day, and then they said There's your fox and I said what!? and it was like TURN THE CAR AROUND and the car turned and I went hispy and the windows went down and the sun was going down and there was the fox but poop it was dark and I wanted a picture of the fox but the fox ran and my ISO was low and everything was black and shit and I didn't want him to leave beacuse I really liked the fox but I don't think the fox liked me...

07 November 2009

A box of cubes

It was Roberts birthday today. I gave hime this red box of cubes.
Handmade and a little lasermade ;)

05 November 2009

Simona Cordero

Wanted to show you a really sweet and talendet little artist, Simona Cordero.

Haha, I've been reeeaally good at not writing on my exams today. Protruding like hell. But I will. I will now. I've done all the food stuff... drinking tea stuff... eating cakes... watching a romantic comedy...getting beat up by our PSYCHO cat...eating some more... checking out really lame blogs...
It's over...
I can't do it anymore.
I have to start writing.

04 November 2009

Very sweet gifts

My sister gave my three moominpins, so gorgeus. Made my day. I love personal presents. Giving people candles isn't very personal. Neither is a big pack of tubesocks. Iek.

Bo and Benjamin in my class made that deer Uli neckles in the laserprinter that they love. I am sort of starting to love the laser printer too. Once you've played around with it it really sticks to you ;) And everyone knows that laser is COOL.
Woops, but now I have to eats some potatoes and head of to school, cheers!

02 November 2009

Monday. Sick again.

When you get sick in the autumn you really get sick! It never ends. You feel better a couple of days and then there you are again coughing slimeballs.
Duh duh.

When it's raining ( like it is now) and you're coughing (lika I am now) and you're sitting with an designhistoryexam to write (like I do) - then you really feel like recording a cd of moaning.
The sound of the moans of Uli
That's what my record would be called.
It would be ten trackes that would kind off go like "aauuuuuueeeeeehhh...määääääääeeeeee....äääeeeeee" and I would probably have a morningmoan and an evening moan and the biggest would be the after lunch moan when you know you have to start working again.
I wonder who would buy that.

If you're into illustration and design, then this blog is good to follow.