31 October 2009

It's saturday

Robert took me to the circus in Copenhagen yesterday.
Today we took a long drive up to Nimis.
Tess complained.
A tree attacked Robert.
Now I'm supposed to write about designhistory.
But I don't want to!
I want to continue having a slacker saturday.

29 October 2009

Look at the dead frog

This little fella' was dead outside our house. Who dies like this? With their mouth open and the head towards the sky? I thought it was very strange.

28 October 2009

The perfect dog

I fell in love with this dog.
She had everything a dog should have,

She was always there for me. When all the other dogs were busy running around, sniffing each others asses she was sitting right infront of me waiting for me to amuse her.
The camera loved her.
If I ever get a dog I will be lucky if it will be anything like this one.

25 October 2009

What matter's to a cat

What matter's to a cat
It's not the fact that you stroke them
Or you groom them
Or you sleep with them all night
No, it's that bowl of tucker
No, it's that bowl of tit-bits
A happy cat is a, fat belly cat
A happy cat is a slow moving cat
A cat who sleeps all day
And fornicates all night
A cat who sleeps in the coolest place in summer
Or the warmest place in winter
So remember, a fat cat is a happy cat

24 October 2009

The thing about tattoos

I'm way too much of a sissy to ever aloud myself to tattoo something on my body. But every now and then I do like to draw a bird or a deer on my wrist because it does kind of look like a tattoo and it makes me feel SUPERcool. Although it's just a bird (and I'm just a girl). You look down on it and it's like an answer to your current question.
Is that weird?
I know it's not cool.
But it's feel a little cool for me.

20 October 2009

White Black Dog

I'm so so sleepy.
Photography from four years back.

17 October 2009

Amy Stein

(click to see larger)
Really interesting photography, see Amy Steins homepage here.

14 October 2009

Det är kallt ute!!

Åhj oboy, frosten har kommit till Skåneland och näsan blir både röd och snorig när man skuttar runt utomhus. Jag tror jag har nyst 100 gånger idag. Oj... jag nös samtidigt som jag skrev den meningen också. Spännande!
Suttit i en datorsal halva dagen och tittat på skuggor och ljusa partier av fula metallformer. Inget avancerat alls men alla i vår klass fattar så långsamt att vi får ta det försiktigt fram.
Men om två dagar har jag en vecka ledigt. Det ska bli sköönt.

10 October 2009

Hide away

I've entered the booooom "were the wild things are" forts contest.
The page with my photo is HERE.

This would be my fort.

07 October 2009

05 October 2009

It's getting darker

The botanic garden in Lund during nighttime.

04 October 2009

Andrew Hem

Check out talanted Andrew Hems portfolio <--

03 October 2009

Bye bye leaves

It's really windy and rainy outside, I'm scared that the wind is going to steal all the leaves away and that winter is just going to come marching in! The picture above is taken during... last februari perhaps. I'm not sure actually. It's a between shoots picture.

02 October 2009

Good night

When the autumn comes the green gets yellow.
The nose gets red.
The throat gets soar.
You sneeze when you should breathe.
You wake up in the middle of the night and feel that something hurts.
You cuddle up in bed and rest.
I'll have an easy weekend.
Sit and watch Disney or something.
What are your plans?

01 October 2009

One day

One day when I'll have a lot of time and a little (ok, a lot) more cash, I too will have one of these!
And it's going to be awesome!
The dog is going to be like VOFF,
and I'm going to be like DON'T EAT MY PANTS!
And we're going to run around the yard scaring the hedgehogs.