30 September 2009

Look at me! I'm a pretty DUCK.

I think this is an excellent selfportrait of me! Don't you? And if you wonder if I'm wearing broccoli in my leggings - i can only answer YES. Both these are some what older pictures.
Now a days a feel alot like this. Duck and weird. KW√ĄCK.
Today is the last of september - hahaha! Bye month! You were really a piece of crap anyway! I embrace the future.

Have I gone mad?
Most definately.

29 September 2009

Little forest

I've finally come up with a few ideas with projects that I could do in school. I've got a feeling that we might get kind of steril tasks in the future, so I think it's important that I do my own stuff on the side, and it's mostly things for children.

28 September 2009

a tiny red spot

What a crappy start of this week.
I feel like a tiny antpoo.
Just waiting for the weeks to pass.

27 September 2009

Last winter

I am sorting through my files beginning with last autumn... in a very naive belif that I might update my oh so wobbely homepage once and for all. And by doing that I'm finding a lot of old stuff I've forgotten I had and now I'm actually getting inspired by myself! Oeh. If only I could be that dog photographer I have always dreamt to be!

26 September 2009

Lovely forest

Muuum, please can we go to the forest? Pleeeaaase?
So we went. I drove. Mum found some mushrooms and I found some pinecones.

25 September 2009

Draw by erasing

Two nudestudies done in school, I really like the technique when you erase out the highlights and make the shape from that. It gives the picture a little extra. Tove Jansson also often started with black paper in which she later painted on with white.

23 September 2009

Lovely autumn

hello, if you wish to see the image large, click here

21 September 2009

My hero Tove Jansson

In school, we had to make a portrait of someone we found interesting. I chose Tove Jansson, the writer of Moomin... since she is the one that inspired me to draw and since moomin inspires me to live the way I do! I give you the full picture above and some detail images below.

20 September 2009

Vote for me!

I'm in a tiny small competition with the theme "simple", vote for me if you like :)
Find the voting page HERE
kisses Uli

19 September 2009

18 September 2009


I really love moist chilly mornings in autumn. They remind me of when you're outside at 04.00 a.m during the summer... and I love that feeling. You really wake up.

16 September 2009

Dogbird and a few dresses

Oh my dear friends, I am stressed out in school and have no time to write comments to the few pictures I produce on the blog right now. But I think you'll manage!

15 September 2009


Click to enlarge

13 September 2009

12 September 2009

10 September 2009

Were is my passion?

The photography above is by the very very talented Paolo Roversi. Click to see it bigger. See rest of the photos from the shoot here. If you want to see more of Paolo Roversi there is a very large forum here. His website doesn't offer much photography.

I cut all the basil in the house today. Then I wondered if it is a misstake for me to put photography on the side. You know, I absolutely HATE how everyone I know looks at my photos and say nothing and then when I don't choose to persuit it in studies they go "WHAT? But you're so good at it! It's your thing!"
Beeing an artist in any form is hard just by your self in your own bubble. Just a simple "Yes, you should keep going with that, that's a good idea" does more than you think. Actually it does wonders. All that about believing in your self is great, but you can only belive in your self for so long. A couple of years. But trust me, I don't know a single person who has been able to believe in them selves all their lives all though everyone around them has believed diffrent.
I'm not very confident.
Auuuh...I'm getting really frustrated while writing this, beacuse I want to say things... but if I do my friends and family will probably get confused with me.
So I will say nothing. As usual. And I will let this frustrated bubble inside me grow even more.
But one day I'll probably pop.

08 September 2009

A dream

I had a great dream.
In school we are dealing with a new project and everyone is brainstorming all the time.

In my dream, one of my somewhat weirder classmates (not weirder than me) was telling our teacher (who was Tim from project runway) about his design idea, and our teacher said:
"I don't mean to be a pottie, but that is going to be a doodie!"

I woke up laughting. That was a pottiejoke made in my sleep. I thought I was very clever. You might disagree.

06 September 2009

Miss Scarfie

It's windy outside! Autumn is coming in with a boom of rain, wind and storms. I like it.
I took my sister out for a photosession. When we were done we flew my fishkite which I bought in China a couple of years ago and then later I even tried to get Tess on my (borowed) longboard. Heh, ass out siss!

Tomorrow we're going to draw naked people in school, you know you know.
Uiij, I really feel like going out dancing, you know, to something stupid, like that song... that's not my name.
But now, tea time!!

05 September 2009

When everything turns black

When was the last time you felt completely miserable? Do you remember that feeling?
Your stommack feels black. Empthy but not hungry. Your mind is blank. Your glance wonders to empthy spaces. Your eyes are wet.
It's sucks.
Right know I feel like crap.
Will I feel like crap for 6 weeks.
That's a long time to feel like a shit.

03 September 2009

From the sketchbook

I love that summer is slowly going away, I really think it is time for autumn. When something new starts, like school, I like the seasons to change. So you can really feel the change.
I've got a sewing project on my mind... let's just see if I'll go through with it. I'm really good with starting a hell a lot of projects and finish about 5% of them.

01 September 2009

Bye bye birdie

Robert is going away.
This sucks.
A whole lot.
School has started, we are supposed to make a "gizmo".
That could be anything at all.
I'm eating too much pie.
But I love pie.
Lollo is sitting in my window.
Early mornings.
Uuhhmmm. I don't want him to go.
No no no.