29 July 2009

Hur dum är jag?

Funderar du någonsin på om du är dum? Nu när jag inte har studerat på ett tag så slår den tanken mig ibland. Är jag småtrög? Jag önskar så klart att jag har fel, och om jag tittar på mina betyg från gymnasiet så säger ju inte heller de att jag är knäpp. Fast jag blir så sällan utmanad nu för tiden att min hjärna förmodligen åkt iväg på semester och lämnat en liten förvirrad kropp bakom sig.
Men ingen väntar sig något stort av mig. Så jag gör inget stort ifrån mig.
Köper potatismjöl och drar upp gamla virkade ulltrådar. Kanske jag har blivit bekväm på fel sätt. Något gör jag fel. Tror jag. Jag imponerar inte på mig själv längre. Det är rätt besvikande. På det sättet är jag dum.

28 July 2009

Kelly Louise Judd

I like a lot of her work, check out her homepage Swan Bones Theater.
And here... you can see pigs swimming... nice huh?
And here is the trailer for Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burtons version that is)

27 July 2009

Celeste Potter

Celeste Potter has illustrated this video for Sarah Blaskos song "no turning back". I thought it was rather sweet. 

I'm starting to get puzzled about what to do with this blog. Hueh.

25 July 2009

Back from vacation

I'm back.
I hardly have any photos to post.
That's embarrassing.

I need a favour!
Does anyone have any good tips for reagge or oriental music??

20 July 2009

Going on vacation

Hey Ulicamers, me and Robert are going away for vacation for just about a week, so you'll hear from me soon!
Lots of love  Uli

18 July 2009

I liked them then, I like them now

Ah. Sweet memories from the past. Me and the dogs... and occasionally a cat.

17 July 2009

15 July 2009


Imagine that July is already starting to pass through, crazy how time flies. Soon school will start too. Gosh... I mean, school!! It's been 3 years since I was in "actual" school. What's that like? It will be like starting 1st grade all over. Nervous... with my little backpack...giggling at things that aren't really funny and then peeing my pants.

10 July 2009

Circus Korpus director

Click to enlarge

Hello you.
It's rainy and nice today. Perfect day to sleep in and cuddle with the cat. I think I'm going to bunker up infront of my sewing machine. Toodels.

09 July 2009

good morning

A perfect morning is when you get to wake up next to someone you love and adore. Then it is simply impossible to feel grumpy or to think that the new day might be crap. I hope you all had a beautiful morning today. 

♠ Uli

08 July 2009

Korpus is back

I've started drawing on Korpus again. I've missed him a little.
The weather it good today, so the question is... should I take a random train far far away on adventure... or stay in the garden and build something?

06 July 2009

SuperUli in Re:solution magazine

Hi everyone,
Re:solution magazine has finally published their "make belive" issue were SuperUli is a contributer! Check it out here (press fullscreen up in the box):
On page 4 there is also a very small presentation of me.
I'm so proud of SuperUli, she has been feeling so useless as a superhero lately, I think this might cheer her up!

Love Uli

Summer evening

Click to enlarge

It's been a cozy weekend. I don't have very much to add.
♥ Uli

02 July 2009

When 2 people find a cat

Me and Robert took a little evening walk yesterday and found this some what dumb looking cat. Gosh these photos made me laught... I had to share them with some one. So you people have to take the fall! The pictures of me are off course taken by Robert.

Today I've been passing out on the beach...leaving me pink as a pig. Crap.

01 July 2009

ulicam is slowing down

Hello all you sweethearts
I just wanted to write that I have slowed down with my creativity for a little while now since I'm more occupied by the sun and the sea and strawberries. Ulicam will pick up the paste after a few weeks I think. A few updates will plopp up now and then, but I will be taking it in summer speed. I hope you won't lose interest during this time.

Lot's of love from your Uli