29 May 2009

SuperUli still staying low

SuperUli is still staying low (see first superuli post here). She has no plans of going back to beeing the "hero" she once was. She is now and then spotted strolling around in the bushed or sleeping in some overgrown grass (weed?). She sais that she doesn't feel obligated to do anything, neither does she feel obligated to take her suit of. She sais, and this is a quote:
" Would you just leave me alone?"

There's a rumour of a internet magazine wanting to publicitate SuperUli photos. Huu-huu? Stay tuned ;) But I think you'll see more of her soon.

27 May 2009


Ulicam turns 1 year in 6 hours. But I start celebrating now. Hah. Because I can.

 Gosh, talk about having trouble uploading a 2 minute clip! All I want is to have it in the right color, contrast and to make the sound sync. But as soon as I upload a better quality one.. the sound doesn't sync. Uhha! Above you can see my latest stop motion about dreaming, and if you want too see it in a tad better quality (but with worse sound sync) you can find it here.
 The sound is really low too, so crank your volume up! If you can't hear much... well then that really sucks.

 I'm sort of dissapointed with myself with this one (what else is new)... because I wanted to do it much better, but I guess time and imagination made me go slow. Oh well, there is no right and wrong, because it is supposed to be like a dream... and a dream is really messy :)
 Eeih, I think there will be some who will find it inspiring!

So... now that the blog is one year... will it last another???

Uli goes back in time

Tomorrow, Ulicam turns 1 year! And so I thought I would choose some of my favorite posts... but it seems I had way too many. So I chose 3 pictures... (because they fit nice togheter) and then you can choose if you want to keep scrolling my favorites.
First photo is from Italy where I visited my sister in september. Second from Lofoten where I've spend 2 years + last summer (that's when I got in the paper). The third one is from India, which was the journey of FIASKO, but before that I was in Latvia
Otherwise I really like the november and december archives. Don't miss those. In november I made the Korpuscalendar btw. And in februari I went back to Lofoten for 2 weeks. And after that, ääee, see for your self.

26 May 2009

Baldovino Barani

Baldovino Barani has some nice fashion photography. Homepage here.

I went to the docters' today... since I seem to be getting worse, and they just said that there was no time for me. So I'm back home. Thank you very much.
 I'm feeling in the WORST mood ever, just angry and irritated.

25 May 2009

Jo Longhurst

Photography by Jo Longhurst

I found another dog-art-photographer. That's sort of exciting for me. If you don't like dogphotography, then you can have a look at this toilet.

And then, how am I?
I just keep getting worse. Some one has it in for me. To make my mouth so completly soar and inflamed that I can't eat. And if I can't eat, I Die! So congratulations. You did it. You're killing me.

22 May 2009

Stop Motion sneak peak

I don't feel so hot. Still weak. Still hoarse. Tooth is numb. Tongue is numb.
Ulicam is taking the fall. I doubt I'll have much to show during the coming days. But I'm making a new stop motion and here are some images from it.

peace out

20 May 2009

When you're sick

There was a storm last night. I woke up drenched in my sweat och saw the room get lit up by the thunder outside. The house was shaking and the rain was pooring. The cat ran around nervously in my room. I wanted to get out of bed and look outside, I love storms. But my body was completly numb. My voice has been really hoarse the past days and today I feel like an old potatoe.
 When I get sick I somehow grow an enormous respect for myself. I regret thinking that I suck all the time.  I want to pet myself on the head and make a smoothie. I had a smoothie for breakfast... but no petting.

So now, I should work. But I don't. Why is that? 
I went outside and took the first self portrait in our garden. If you saw our garden you would know why that is.

I really like this song

19 May 2009

A different SuperUli!

Illustration by Robert Grafström

When I was in Lofoten in februari I asked Robert, who's a 3D artist, if he couldn't make a superuli picture while I was gone. I wanted foxes... with applebazookas. It got started but never finished. But after I made my own superuli sketch he started up on this one again and got it finished :)
 Thank you!

( For you who are wondering about yesterday, the testday was fine, there was some sketching, an interview, some sculpturing. But I can't really say how it went. Who knowes? All I know is that the others were way more nervous than me, I got sort of bored after a while, there were too many pauses and waiting.)

17 May 2009


I have my first interview tomorrow... or it's not an interview actually... it's a "testday" so I have to show "what I've got"

SHITTY POTATOES, I'm freaking out!! 
I suck! 
I can't do this! 
I'm just a pile of slough!


Oi, busy weekend.
No time for updates anymore.
What the heck.

15 May 2009

Un Chien

Good morning,
I have to go out and cut the grass. No time to write.
I hope you'll have a fantastic friday!

Kisses from your Uli

14 May 2009

J. Löfgren

Illustration by J Löfgren

Oh how I love these! They are so magical. The homepage is called bildmekanik, you can find it here.

13 May 2009


Me and dog Aurora, from januari last year. I'm searching through my files for some photos to my new stop motion... and I keep coming over photos I've forgotten and now like :) It's slowing down my motion work though...uueeff.

12 May 2009

When bad news are no news

I got a letter from the artschool in Bergen in Norway... I had applied to the photo..art...something, but very halfhearted since I don't bother so much for going back to live in oh-so-expensive-Norway again and going to a art-so-you-fart-school. First when I got inside I forgot about the letter. Then later it was like...oh yeah, that thing. I open it and they say no thank you and I think, well, no thank you right back. It's a great feeling not giving a shit about bad news for once. Now, it might sound like I'm trying to convince myself that I don't care about the schools I don't get an interview at, but it's not like that in this case. Sure an artschool is better than no school... but I don't think it's healthy to study just for the "studying" either.

And then for more interesting news... ulicam seems to have gotten a handfull of new viewers... I wonder were you're all coming from :)?

11 May 2009

Chantal Michel

I love this photoserie, wish I was the photographer of them! You can find Chantal Michels homepage here, and a direct link to this project here.

Found another cool chair by the way :)

Thank you for stopping by Ulicam today! I'm heading of to the library to start writing on my childrens book... once and for all. Lots of kisses from Uli.

10 May 2009

Mark Ryden

Paintings by Mark Ryden, homepage here <---

09 May 2009


Sister got naked yesterday. Obviously.
Later there was a big dinner.
Today there was brunch. Tonight there is opera and then party.
:-* Khitjing

08 May 2009


 Robert is without a doubt the sweetest, nicest, most adorable and wonderful person I know. He is better than any rabbit, dog or deer... and I mean... these are some really cuddly creatures.
 love you love you :-*

07 May 2009

Hit by car and good news

Yesterday, I was riding my bike home from a museum in heavy wind during sundown. I was about to cross a road (I was on the main road) when this lady just keeps driving her dumb volvo and pushes my bike to the side causing me to fall over on the sidewalk... making me feel like a little kid (specially since I was wearing tights). I rubbed the grass of my knee and pulled my bike ULLA B back up. The lady gets out and says "Are you ok? I didn't see you beacuse of the sun!".
Shit. Didn't see me beacuse of the sun? Did you learn to drive yesterday lady? I said nothing and got back on Ulla, only to nearly collide with some kid that was on the wrong side of the road.
Does everyone have the sun in their eyes??

Apart from that, got a letter from the industrial design school in Lund (it's the IKEA guy that has founded it) and I'm up for the second round in june! Weird... since everyone keeps saying it's impossible to get in there. Especially some guy that's a student there that I met at a party... when I asked him about the school he just gave me a really arrogant look and pretty much ment that "honey... you've got nothing to do at a place like that... you have to actually be able to draw". I think he was actually mad about the fact that I said no thank you when he asked if we should stop talking and make out. What a farthead.

06 May 2009

Cold and rainy

The rain just keeps pooring and I'm cold. I actually feel a little sick even. Kept waking up during the night beeing hot n cold n hot n cold... just like the song you know. So I have curled up with a cup of hot coco with icecream and put on some woolclothes now. Have to start drawing on a picture for the interview in june. But off course... I kinda wish I could slip into a warm bath and read moomin instead. Ok. Maybe I'll do that for lunch.
Wish I had a chair like THIS on a day like this.

05 May 2009

Legs are se-exy

It almost felt nice with the rain today. Nature seems to like it. And it woke up my tired face in the morning.
Robert did come home yesterday, managed without passport, crazy!
So why is there still a knot in my stomach?

Uli makes me crazy-ay!

04 May 2009

1 crazy dog, 1 crazy Anders

More pictures from saturday. We're not spoiling milk... it was just to warm to drink... and really quite disgusting.

It's monday. Who was supposed to finally coming home today? Well, my Robert was. But since he lost all of his things right at the airport, that won't be possible. This sucks so much that I simply have no words. Hate Ecuador. Hate the ambassy. Hate hate hate. Auuuggghhhh! I really really need to see him. But I shouldn't be o selfish... it has got to be worse for him. Getting stuck there just when you were about to go home. 

02 May 2009

Cows going crazy!

Wow, it's been a great saturday!
Early today, Anders Linnea and David picked me up to go to a farm north in skåne. About 1,5 hour drive. I was a tad hung over from a party last night, but the idea of the cows kept me awake. You see... we weren't just going to watch cows, we were going to go and watch them get let out into the green for the first time this year. And when the cows are let free in the fresh summer they go crazy and jump all over and just go MUUUUEEEEEHHHH. It's so much fun. There were lot's of people there and they even gave us milk and cake.
 Then we drove to the beach, were we poored the rest of the milk that was too warm to drink into the ocean and met a crazy dog. More pictures tomorrow :)

 But what is the most crazy thing of all? Only 1,5 day until Robert comes home again. Hrrrruuu :D

During the past year #3

01 May 2009

Sometimes you can't see it

Can you spot the eagle and the dog in the photographs? First is from Norway and second from Poland.

I called my dad yesterday to complain about the fact that I felt like my stommack was in cramp all the time. I had to be allergic to something. I've felt this way for some time now. However, he just started by saying that I was stressed. But I couldn't be stressed! I don't actually do anything! But he said that it wasn't true and that I had a lot on my mind. I hung up and thought about what I did have on my mind. And apperantly, I'm killing myself. You know what, I have been giving myself so much crap for this year, that is, me ending up doing "not much". Instead of just enjoing a year for my self, I kick myself for not having tried hard enough last spring. The phrase Mike Myers said "Stop hitting your self. Stop hitting your self. Why are you still hitting your self?" is ringing in my ears.

Robert could always make me feel completely calm. But he's been gone some time now :(
What more could help me would be some serious laughing, if only Hampus and Patrik were somewhere near by...