30 April 2009

During the past year #2 (+good news)

Came home late from school yesterday to find an email from the university in Alnarp. I had applied to the gardendesign there. I'm up for the second round the 18th of May! But it's not just an interview... I have to bring my sketch things. But they say it's going to end with a "fika" and that it is most certainly going to be "lots of fun". Haha... gardenpeople are always so friendly. 
Wish me luck! 
Third answer from a school. Second possitive. Let's se what the next one brings.

29 April 2009

During the past year #1

I remember that I told my first boyfriend that photography came first, always, no matter what. He would never have the first place. Hah. I really wasn't in love with him. At all. But it's sort of amazing how devoted I was to it a couple of years ago. Now I feel like I'm getting worse by every day, blaming it on the fact that I have no models to work with... and that I'm getting just a taaaad bored with self-oh-not-again-portraits. On the other hand, it seems like I'm ending up at a design school anyway, so maybe I should take a break.
 I might also not end up anywhere. Then I'll have to work at a spa, cleansing old womens backs.

When riding my bike home last night I saw a rat run across the street. I always like seeing rats in Lund. They look so friendly. Cute rats are here, here, here and here.

28 April 2009

Beach & (bad?) news

Yesterday the sun was shining like any other day here. Skåne seems to have turned into california. I had just filled my belly with cous cous and was tanning infront och the house when the mailman drove by. I took out the envelope from the university of photography in Göteborg and looked unpleased down at it. I had an interview with them last year so I thought... they should be giving me another chance... right? The pictures I sent in this year were much better(I think). I opened it with a knife dirty with oily pesto and found a boring white paper that said "sorry, you are to dumb for us". I put the envelope under my butt so it wouldn't blow away and thought that it didn't really matter. Because... I do hate all the students galleries... the photography at that school is way too art-so-you-fart (please-let-me-die-I-don't-want-to-watch-a-picture-of-a-blurry-thumb), and I don't know anyone who's anyone now after having a bachelor at that school. Also there is no living as an artphotographer. 
But then...
...why do I feel like SUCH A LOSER?

I haven't even had the balls to tell my sister. 
Cause I feel like such an untalented hobo all of a sudden. 
Are these letters just gonna keep coming. The no-no's?

27 April 2009

26 April 2009

25 April 2009

24 April 2009

Louis was adorable

Birthday included following:
Louis beeing very pretty and extremely social in a bow
Too much whine
Weird tasting pizza
Good tasting cakes
Toys that seemed to pop up from no where
A waterballon smashed into the wrong place
A wingly bikeride to town...
.. getting stopped by the police...
.. Mina beeing smart och gorgeus and talking out of a fee..
Dancing at ÖG:s
Teaching stranger to dance like butterflie

23 April 2009


So, today is my birthday. The day I become elder than I was yesterday. Like Gandalf. Or Dumbledor. And they're really smart!

I thought I would write down what happend this very day 21 years ago. I think I always get the story wrong, but I'll just write what I remember. My mother, father and sister were living in Liepaja, Latvias second capital. Dad was out in the woods hunting with our dog Hepsija and my mum was home feeling very pregnant. Actually, she felt so pregnant that she went over to our neighbour, the nurse, and told her that she thought it was time for me to pop out. You see, in the block that we lived (yes, just like JLo), there were lots of docters and nurses (my dad beeing one of them) since the hospital was just a few meters away. The nurse stopped cooking her soup, they left my sister at some other neighbours and went to the hospital. When my dad came home there was no one there so he fell asleep. Meanwhile a big snow storm broke out outside. 23th April... that's a pretty late snowstorm. Later he was woken by granma calling to tell him that hallo - you have another daughter. I think they were hoping for a boy actually. So he and my sister wandered out into the deep snow och stopped outside the hospital to se mum do a Michael Jackson and hold me up infront of the window. This was Sovjet, they weren't aloud to go in and see me. You know... keep the baby away from dirty hands! and all that. They didn't know if I should be named Ulrika or Ulla. Ulrika was a very exotic name in Latvia. It still is over there. But somehow I started living in Sweden were every boring brownhaired girl is named that. So now I have no choise but to twist it. Uli it is.

22 April 2009

My wishlist

Tomorrow I turn 21. Then I will be twenty something. Holy moly.
I wish for the following things:

1. 20 bunnies in tiny knitted shirts
2. Lots of puppies
3. A baby deer

21 April 2009

Crazy dogs

As most of you should know by now... I'm mad about dogs. And since I don't have anything to publish today I thought I'd do it the easy way and just post some crazy clips of crazy dogs.

19 April 2009

Feels like a crappy weekend

 I feel like it's been a crappy weekend, although it hasn't really. But just beacuse of the fact that I felt like the partypooper at Minas party yesterday... meaning I was not in a partymood and sat sulking like a buttface, riding my bike home before midnight. And because I miss Robert like crazy... and I'm going nuts by the fact that I haven't heard from him for a long time. No clue if he's alright (he has gone surfing and what now in South America). And then when I was running around in my superhero outfit on a field - some fat ugly lady with a red hillbilly cap told me I shouldn't mess up the farmers grounds. I mean what the **** ?? And then I have to read this slow stupid book about moviesound for school, which honestly just makes me think about how short life is and how I really don't want to keep reading.
But then there's been good bits. Like watching Louis the cat completely torture his friend "duck", and me laying in the sun, reading and getting brown like bajs all saturday morning.

18 April 2009

There's a new hero in town!

After the fall of superuli, the city Lund has been without a superhero. Many have tried to fill her place but none seem to succed. Maybe SuperUli was indeed the last superhero?
Yesterday a few people spotted a new bluedressed hero. None know her name and few seem to know her purpose in this lost city. What is there left for a hero to do in days like these?

 Will SuperUli fight back? Will this new bluedressed creature take over?

What will happen?

Stay tuned people.

17 April 2009

I streched my ass

Ouch! Bad start of my friday! Some days ago I went jogging ( that is... running now and then and stopping for flowers, horses and tiny rivers that are remarkably more interesting than working out). Anywho, after that day I've got soar legs... and ass offcourse. But today it was gone... and then when I was chasing the cat around the house, I jumped down to get him, and SLAASH, my right ass streched. 
I rolled around on the floor paralyzed when my sister came and wondered what my problem was. Then she gave my this cooling cream... so it feels like I'm peeing my pants all the time.

Sketch above is from typography class, wich I ditched last wendsday after one hour, went home and watched Twilight with a cup of tea in my hand, like any super-sweet-sixteen girl would do. Except for the fact that I'm turning 21 next week.

16 April 2009

More William Wegman

photography by william wegman, found trough this page

15 April 2009

Someone wants me!

Today I got a letter from the university of design and artcrafts in Göteborg. I was so sure it was going to be negative that I almost didn't open it. Just to avoid ruining my day. 
But it wasn't negative. I'm called to an interview in June. Crazy.

14 April 2009

Chris Berens

Artwork by Chris Berens

I've seen some good art the past months (through hungry networking), but Chris Berens art really gave my heart an extra wow
Hope you like it too!

13 April 2009

SuperUlis' cover blown

Monday 13th April 2009

After a hard couple of years of being a superhero in a corrupt society filled with politicians and uneducated people, SuperUli has really hit rock bottom after some construction workers dug up her underground home during last week. I met her in the local pub to hear the tragic story of the end of superheroeism.

TimesMagazine: Is it really over?
SuperUli: Being a superhero? Yeah. It is. Sure it feels strange, but I knew this day would come. My cover has been blown before by curious small children.
T: Children?
S: Yes. One time in the park I was saving a female duck from getting raped by three male ducks, when some kids wanted to have a better look at me and caught hold of me and ripped my mask of.
T: Wow. That sounds harsh.
S: Yes. Children are truly evil and disgusting.
T: Today you were no mask.
S: I’ve got nothing to hide anymore. I’m just a woman walking the streets. I’m the French guy in the café. I’m the old woman with a drinking problem. I’m your cousin who doesn’t know who the father of her baby is. I’m you.
T: That’s an interesting way of seeing life.
S: Well I’m a very interesting person.
T: Ok
S: Yes it’s ok.
T: Will you tell us about your underground home getting dug up?
S: Yes I will tell you. In fact I’ll tell you right away. I was living in some tubes under the ground north of the big city. Great place to hunt rabbits and take evening walks… meet new people. Anyway, one day when I’m at home drawing some new plans of savings I could do, the tubes, my house walls, are lifted up and some fat dumb construction workers bring me up to ground. I was speechless. I mean…
T: What were you thinking then?
S: I thought; what the fuck?!
T: Yes I see.
S: What was a woman like me to do?
T: What did you do?
S: Took my weed and left. I’m couchsleeping now.
T: Very interesting.
S: Not really.
T: But I understand that superheroism hasn’t been very good the past years anyway?
S: Well… let me put it like this. If you leave a strawberry out in the sun for 5 years – no one is going to find it gorgeous anymore.  

11 April 2009

Have you seen Uli?

See picture above larger here

Easter. Yeah. Started of with my gorgeus Robert leaving for south america... all the way untill next month. Ufff....
Daddie's gone... mummy's gone... sister's gone...boyfriend's gone. I'm home alone with the cat. What to do? Make soup? Cut toenails? Call an enemy?
 I figured I would make a map of alter egoes of Uli. I think it's cute. Hard to find yourself though. It's like a schoolpicture... yet not. Or like a gangphoto... just really not at all.

 Could someone... make a noise? Write something? Tell a joke. I'm just a tad bored and lonley.

Color your eggs with onion!

Morning! Yesterday I taught Robert how to color eggs the old Latvian way... the only way I know how to color eggs really! It's very simple. You pick some tiny flowers and small plants with pattern. Then you go to your supermarket and fish out all the onionshell in the box of yellow onions (not red, their color is too strong). Then you get your eggs, place some flowers and plants to the shell and then you cover the egg with onionshell och spinn it hard together with a thin wire. But remember - the harder you spinn the onionshell to the egg - the more pattern you will get! 
 Then you simply boil them for 11-14 minutes - it's good to put the onionshells that are left in the boiling water as well... for some extra color.
 And then later you get these beautiful golden eggs!
 Happy easter!

(bunnies are a sketch from my boring typography class)

10 April 2009


För några månader sedan fotograferade jag Daniels kvartett. Annasara som är en av fiolisterna (säger man så?) tar sin examen nu och bad mig ta en bild som hon kan använda i samband med sin examen. Så vi traskade ut i den sköna botaniska parken i Lund.
 När jag satt å skissade medan jag väntade på Annasara blev jag attackerad av tio småungar som frågade samma frågor om och om igen:
Vem är du? Är du konstnär? Hur gammal är du? Vad är det där i din väska? Har du en räv i din väska? Är den död? Är den riktig? Hallå - kolla hon här tjejen har en räv i sin väska!
Målar du? Varför ritar du? Vad fint du ritar. Vad är det för bok? Varför har inte räven något skelett? Stör vi? Hallå vem är du?

och så fortsatte det...
Det var väldigt läskigt.

07 April 2009

I've made a new lamp!

His ass makes your face glow. That's the slogan of this one. It's supposed to look like a kiwi bird... but you know.. more "arty". Since I'm so "artistic" I can do something ugly in plaster and say it's special. I'm special. But they say that everyone is. They really shouldn't... that's like saying no one is. Exampel:
" Wow you're beautiful. But you know, everyone is."
That's not a compliment. It.. really.. isn't.

The bird was a quick project. A little hen-net.. some plaster.. and then I drilled him in the back. 
 I'm giving him to my sister. Because she said; "Can I have THE BIRD" and I answered "I guess you CAN" and then my sisters cat (Louis) started making out with it (lighter phrased.. started rubbing his nose against its) and then I realised that he had stolen its smell and soul already. The bird was no longer in my hands.

 If some one will tell me they like it, it might just make my day :)

06 April 2009

William Wegman

Photography by William Wegman

William is my first photoidol. I was to one of his exhibitions when I was very young. Then I was hooked. Dogs and good photography in one. Fantastic.
Wegman has some boring artphoto too. But I appreciate most of his work. His latest photobook of his collected work isn't that good. I like one of the first books. But I really think he should publish one fat book including all of his dogphotography... and not his artwork... because I'm not the biggest fan of that.

03 April 2009


Solen skiner! Krypen kryper! Bloggstatistiken dalar! Nämen!
Sommaren har släppt sig över Lund och nu kan jag sitta i bikini på verandan och gipsa, skissa och läsa. Äntligen har jag haft en skiss att göra som jag faktiskt får betalt för. Man jobbar verkligen med helt annan motivation då. Vet inte HUR trött jag är på ansöknings-uppgifter. Tråkigt! En sak är att göra ngt man skiter i och få betalt för det. Men att göra ngt man skiter i och inte få betalt. Ja men...

 Robert gav upp sin 0,1 pigment liner penna till mig, typ som "ja men jag använder den inte", vilket så klart var den finaste gåvan man kan ge mig efter valpar. Och kaninungar. Så nu har jag en ny penna som inte viker sig att skissa med. Många personer fattar inte pennor. Men pennor är allt!


Fördelen med långa tråkiga typografi lektioner är att jag äntligen får lite tid till att skissa sånt jag själv känner för. Och då blir det oftast nån brud.. och något djur. Ni vet ju hur det är. Om någon är ett typografi fan så borde ni se detta klippet om Trajan.
Book by its cover är en bra sida om man gillar... att titta på... fina böcker... eh.


Another sketch done during my utterly boring typography classes.  If you digg typography, se this clip about the trajan font. Otherwise, take a look at the book by its cover.

02 April 2009


Unknown photographers

Images from lolitas blogg, I think you can find the photographers names there... she's good at updating but she seldome types the artists names - a little annoying :(