02 December 2009

When you seek inspiration

My dear Ulicam readers, there are days when you really need to see someone elses work but your own. I often mention one of these pages in my posts, but I thought that I would put them all in one post so you know where I find my inspiration and where you could find yours too!
Beacuse you want to be inspired don't you? I love seeing something totally AWESOME and go I WAN'T TO DO THAT!!!

As always, ffffound is a great page to scroll through hour after hour. You can't search on the page but by clicking on something you like you will automaticly be guided further to something you might like. Trust me. It works. So if your a photo/illustration/design/poster/type-lover, this will do the trick!

Here you can search. And everything has a nice color and fairytale touch to it. If I need some animal pictures to an illustration I'm making I find it much better to search here than to google it (were you get butt UGLY pictures). Just take a search on fox...or owl... or deer and you'll get some great photos/illustrations. The page can get a little slow sometimes, be patient.

For you who like design/home. I kinda have to force myself to watch more at these things now because of my education.

Great artblog! The girl running it really puts her soul into it. Always finding diffrent really talented artists. I forget to visit this page now and then, but when I do I always fins something I explore more.

This is like ffffound. Mix of photo and art and videos. It's a good page so I don't really know why I visite it so seldom.

If you are a sucker for castles, cookis, animals, calm photos and fairytales(like me) - then this blog can be good to follow.

Found it today actually! It's like ffffound and yay!everyday. Photo and art.

Great designblog.

If food is what you are looking for.. then this is the place for you!

And remember, if you're ever searching for inspiration in a certain field (fashion photographers, animalillustrators etc.) don't hessitate to ask me for some links. I often have something usefull bookmarked.

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  1. Oh wauw you have an amazing blog! I just found you this afternoon, via Annette Pehrrons blog, and really, can't stop scrolling and clicking :)
    Maybe you'd also like www.inewidea.com it also has a lot of design stuff, some things really clever :)
    I am glad to have found a new blogger which makes so much beautiful and inspiring stuff!