03 December 2009

I want to photograph!

Above, Vanja from this photoshoot and me and Simba from this shoot.

Oeeeeeh how I wanna take some juicy pictures. Now when I'm studying design I always get this cramp in my belly when I see something really good in the photofield. And I just ask myself "Why aren't you doing that?". But I know that I'm forgetting all the boring parts in the work of photography for the moment.
But there are some selfportraits I would like to make... and a new series that I won't write about beacuse that will spoil the fun :)
Because... because... I really do like it... to photograph... and this is called uliCAM and I'm hardly showing any photos anymore.
Sorry about that.


  1. I know how you feel but I saw your website the other day and couldn’t believe how good the work was. You’ve got nothing to worry about! Keeping trying new things and you’ll always be getting better.