13 December 2009

I love this photo

Gosh how I love this photo, I'm looking through older photos so that I can gather all my shit for a book I'm ordering, and I found this one of Mina which I matched with another photo. I really like it. Mina is so cool with all her shoes ^_^

This weekend has been nice. Really good dinner (with strawberry daquiries and bananamilkshakes) on friday, the forest on saturday morning and then in the evening Vanja came down from Vaxjö and Mina and Robert came over too. And then today I've clayed Vanjas face and then we went out while the snow was falling slowly down for more treebranches beacuse later in the afternoon I wanted to build a huge chirstmastree-goat outside. Well, I've pretty much finished the goat and just now I realized that I've got dried blood all over my hand. Woops. Guess I got hurt without noticing...better clean it up...bye bye applepie.


  1. Åh! en bild på syrran, jag saknar henne så det gör ont i magen....var är hon? har hon snubblat och i fallet blivit spetsad av en av sina stilleter?

  2. Så länge hon inte har en mobil så är hon ju inte en bland oss...

  3. Lägg upp en bild på bocken! Jag vill se hur den blev tillslut. Hoppas verkligen vi hinner med en eller annan mysig juldag innan "lovet" är slut för oss Allah.
    Puss nuss!