06 December 2009

Don't you hate it when

Don't you hate it when you have this idea of a picture in your head and when you do it it turns out nothing like you wanted it? Like this picture above. That's not what I wanted. This looks like a bad weddingphoto or something. So I'm sitting here, eating peanutbutter right from the jar and wondering what I just wasted three hours on.
And I shouldn't be eating peanutbutter like that. It's not good for you.
(Btw, if you want to get this black and white effect on your pictures, when you treat your raw-picture simply drag the contrast and saturation to zero, make it quite bright and then juice up with some black!

If you have absolutely nothing to read you can read this:
I had a dream this morning. I had stolen a giant purple squid. I got bored of it and realized that I coudn't just let it die but had to give it away to some place. I could leave it outside the towns aquarium (like a seaworld) in a black plastic bag. But then I realized that they would know that the squid was stolen and the plastic bag would be covered with my fingerprints. So I put on some gloves and wanted to put the squid in a tiny paperbag instead. At that moment the squid very much ATTACKED me and we had a large fight untill I finally got it down in the paper bag... were I could hear the purple thing get really dry and I felt bad for him. So I filled a new black plastic bag with water and put him into that instead. Then Fredrik Ödman was going to come and visit in halv an hour so I was in a hurry and had to put the giant squid on my bike and head over to the aquarium. But off course, as I placed the bag at the entrance the guards came and wanted to shoot me down. I started running in the woods and all off a sudden we were a large "gang". We all hid in a greenhouse and some of the gangmenbers started smoking rice-weed and then we decided we had to kill the people who tried to kill us. But it just so turned out that the person I had to kill was a dancing bellydancer. I really couldn't do it so it ended up with me shooting her in her arm and then her fleeing to southamerica and me sending money to her so that she could afford getting medical treatment.


  1. I think the picture is beautiful*_*

  2. du som alltid säger att jag drömmer konstiga saker... din dröm var ju snäppet mer cp än många av mina tillsammans!

    och bilden blev ju fin, lätt värd 3 timmar! (det var inte waste of time!)

  3. Tack lära ni,

    å ja, den drömmen var cp! Men du har nog rätt om att det ser ut som att jag tagit en fet emo/hor-ögonskugga på mitt öga vilket jag verkligen inte har.
    Störigt när man ser ut som en hora utan att det inte riktig var tanken (typ som det blev för britney). Ska man orka ljusa upp partiet och ladda upp ny bild.. uli inte veta..uli inte veta

  4. men uli! du ser inte ut som en hora! säg inte så, du är ju vacker som den finaste blomman!

  5. åh jag älskar den!! funderar på att printa upp och ha som väggdecoration...du kanske kan se det som en inflyttningspresen?


  6. En gammal sanning: man kan kalla ett projekt (film, bild, föreläsning and so on...) lyckat om man når upp till 75% av det man hade tänkt sig i planeringsstadiet. Man når ALDRIG 100%, det är bara så...
    Jag tror inte att du har kastat bort 3h. Bilden genererar frågor och väcker nyfikenhet.

  7. blaa blaa blaa blaaaa

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