12 November 2009

Who is Göran?

This is another illustration from Roberts cube puzzel.
If you know me, you know that I really like plastic animals. Well, Göran is our dog, but he is not very much alive since he is made of plastic and really way to small to have a functional brain. I bought him on a fleamarket and he came along when we went canooing this summer and that is why... he... is... in a canoot. There was a big discussion if his name should be Örjan or Göran. I still like Örjan more though.

But now, my dear friends, it looks like I'm pretty much finished with my designhistory exam! I'm listening to Håkan Hellström, which I've never done before, but it takes my back to Lofoten when Patrik and Hampus used to play his music and then they always got really happy and wobbled with their feet :) Haha, oeh the wobbeling. So now I'm traying to stay in a swell mood. And also - you know what? I kind of feel like using color in my illustration. Crazy! It's crazy! Right?
If you kow me it's crazy.

I'm crazy.
Yes it's true :)

My sister is visiting Italy again, she's always so happy there, and that makes me happy too. I know how much she hates Swedish weather. Right now I hate it too though... going outside in the morning is like getting slapped around with a wet towel over and over again.
It's like... stop! Don't!
Stop slapping we around... or like the janitor in Simpsons said "stop slapping my willie around" hahahahaha!


  1. jo jag vet.. eller..ja... han har bara varit så tyst på sista tiden...

  2. slapped with a wet towel hahaha...den var bra...tycket det var en väldigt fin beskrivning om hur det är att ta sig ut på cykeln i sverige i vintertid :). ska se om jag kan hitta några fina nya plastdjur till dig på Baloon loppmarknaden här på lördag =) ( där vi köpte din vita grizzlybjörn!)