21 November 2009

Twilight and Dawn

This is a picture of COWS during TWILIGHT (not like in the movie).
I love the blue light during Twilight and Dawn. In sweden it is called GRYNING and I just love saying GRÖTIG GRYNING or just saying GRYNING all by itself. I call both dawn and twilight gryning in sweden, wich really annoys everyone since gryning only means dawn, twilight is called skymmning - but how fun is it so say SKYMMNING? Not fun at all.
In lofoten I was famous for my "GRYNING!"-yells during twilight.

Saturday today, I'm stuck at the worktable, scanning sketches, glueing tiny sticks and listening to arabic music. Hopefully I'll get done by tomorrow so that I can have the day of.


  1. so ok, here i am. sunday night, just reading your blog. and i come down to the part with the cows in the twilight (not the movie). And since that movie bored me alot. and it looks like it would even bore a cow. i laught..quiet loud. my icecoffe came out of my nose and on to my screen, and harddrive and phone (so thanks). and i totaly had to make a gryning movie poster. so here you go. i laught, you got a movie poster. so thats nice, on a sunday and all...
    GRYNING! i miss that word.

  2. That was an amazing poster! The most beautiful made for twilight I would say.
    Sorry about the icecoffe all over your things, personally I love when I get laughting so hard that the water/milk/juice in my mouth goes all over the place. I remeber when Nicolai made me laught out all the water in my mouth during lunch. That was grwat. Everyone else thought it was discusting.

    It really is great hearing from you again.
    I thought I never would.