14 November 2009

The park, part one

I had a long morning yesterday so I went to the park to feed the ducks. But it seems that the swans are taking over the place. They were really rude to everyone. Biting all the ducks that got in their way and snaping at me. Such poop-birds. Their beuty is like their ticket to life so they always act as rude as they wish.
But you know, as many have said before me, just beacuse you're pretty doesn't mean that you can act like a bitch.


  1. I love reading your little notes — they’re really insightful sometimes. Beauty being a ticket to life…I think that of some women sometimes. Don’t mind if they’re bitchy though hehe. Great colours in the second pic though.

  2. Thank you Ben, I like that some of you take the time to read my little notes too :)

  3. u have to be bitchy if u r beautidul..oherwise people will only use u and treat u like a stupid barbie!