30 November 2009

Not so good

We were drawing nudes in school today (I hope you can say it like that), full format, and I just felt more and more tired and then I got really warm and then I felt dissy standing up so I said I'm going home and everyone else said bye bye.
So now I'm home. The cat is sitting on the only piece of paper on the table and staring at me. I have dancerehersal today so I'm gonna try and sleep for an hour and see how I feel after that.


  1. umbelbee min..ta nu det lugnt. Drcik mycket the' o ta lite "livin cold" eller guarana på morgonen...du måste stärka ditt immunsystem..med hemska influensor som finns överallt...ta hand om dig..blir orolig annars!!!

  2. Krya på dig! Hoppas det inte är flunsan.

  3. stackars liten!
    hoppas det inte håller i sig bara..