11 November 2009


Moomoo sais the cow.
Or actually, these cows didn't say anything at all. But who needs words when you have love? Right right? Eeheeh.
They looked very cozy... and there was a small one to... so small and fussy, I just wanted to take him home and show him were I live, introduce him to our cat, show him our garden were nothing grows, show him how a flashlight works. We would have the best day. But somehow I think that the tiny cow would say
"I don't want to hang out with you any more"
and I would simply respond with
"I can't help my life is simple, you're beeing rude"
and the cow would say
" yes but I'm hungry"
and I would say
" Well I can't help you with that."
and the cow would say
" Well when are you going to eat"
and I would say
" I don't know"

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