02 November 2009

Monday. Sick again.

When you get sick in the autumn you really get sick! It never ends. You feel better a couple of days and then there you are again coughing slimeballs.
Duh duh.

When it's raining ( like it is now) and you're coughing (lika I am now) and you're sitting with an designhistoryexam to write (like I do) - then you really feel like recording a cd of moaning.
The sound of the moans of Uli
That's what my record would be called.
It would be ten trackes that would kind off go like "aauuuuuueeeeeehhh...määääääääeeeeee....äääeeeeee" and I would probably have a morningmoan and an evening moan and the biggest would be the after lunch moan when you know you have to start working again.
I wonder who would buy that.

If you're into illustration and design, then this blog is good to follow.


  1. neej, varfooor!? du får inte bli sjuk! du är ju min lilla kotte :)

    citrusfrukt och vitlök ska vara bra har jag hört. seså, börja kurera dig meddisamma! :P


  2. Slemmet kommer robert!
    Först blir man torr och kan inte andas, sen blir det slemmigt och man kan inte andas.

    Är citrusfrukten min räddning? Jag vet inte... jag vet inte...
    jag tror inte att någon kan rädda mig längre!

    Määäh ääääh ääääeee

  3. hold in there sweetiepie!!!!

  4. amei suas fotos acho q me apaixonei!

  5. Tack Elisabeth, betyder alltid mkt att få en kommentar från dig - jag beundrar så mycket det du gör!