22 November 2009

Bye saturday

My sunny saturday is gone and I blew it all of to the bunnyproject (I'll show some pictures soon). But now I hava a free day so that's nice. Although it sucks wasting an intire day to get something done, it's better that way than tossint it out on two days. You should be.. tossing...
Patrik gave me some fantastic news yeasterday, it seems I have fiiiinally popped up on FFFFOUND!(my favorite website) Here I am. I've always wanted to get some of my work there just to "spread me around". This rocks.

Me, my faszha and Robert (and hopefully Mina as well) will start the day with pancakes and then figure out a place to run away to. I'm just afraid it's going to rain. Rain is Pain!

On monday after my presentation I think I will go christmasshopping ...yeeess ...yeesss.

Christmas! That means food! Christmasfoos is great.

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