25 October 2009

What matter's to a cat

What matter's to a cat
It's not the fact that you stroke them
Or you groom them
Or you sleep with them all night
No, it's that bowl of tucker
No, it's that bowl of tit-bits
A happy cat is a, fat belly cat
A happy cat is a slow moving cat
A cat who sleeps all day
And fornicates all night
A cat who sleeps in the coolest place in summer
Or the warmest place in winter
So remember, a fat cat is a happy cat


  1. lollolololo!!
    dra honom lite i hängbuken från mig haha :P

  2. Hihi Tit bits =P Tycker både du å lolo är sjukt bra på de ni gör. Puss i nuss på er båda

  3. is it caturday?

    (Jolanda says hi to louis) (and evreybody else)