18 August 2009


Hello in your pants!
This is my last week of summer vacation, then I am officialy off to university.
Do I need to get oh-so-smart glasses? Should I get a new hairbrush since mine is missing half it's pinns and my hair is looking like a troll-womans?
I think, and hope, that beeing surrounded by a lot of creative people and getting a little pressure on me will do my artistic self some good!

The pictures above are taken in Malmö. I was feeling really down one evening so I took the train to Malmö and went to the west harbour were they have a dogbeach. Looking at dogs running around is truly therapetic for me.

I saw Yann Tiersen himself play that song I used in my stop motion MARK TILL SALU on a violin yesterday. That was special. I actually like that stop motion, I should do a new more complete version of it!
I saw Sarah Brasko too, she was really sweet and really talented!

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