09 August 2009

Use your own hair

I have never colored my hair. In a very early age my mum and dad said no no that's bad. My sister, on the other hand, started coloring her hair when she was 13 or something. My parents also always said, no no don't cut your hair, that's bad. So I haven't. I haven't cut or colored. I cut and color paper instead.
However, like all fools, I too sometimes like to play around with a wig. But oeh how I love to take them off afterwards and get my own hair back. I like the soft brown tone much more than the pitch black/red/blonde etc.

It's sunday evening, I'm listening to Billie Holiday.


  1. Gillar dock-känslan på första bilden..

  2. sa nu mobbar du oss som meschar, fargar, klipper o tannar oss ;)???:P blaaaeeeh

  3. Haha, jag försökte bara understryka att du var rebellen i familjen!

  4. syster Tessy bessyAugust 15, 2009 at 12:58 PM

    vaaaah är "jag" en rebell nu också :P? Jag tycker bara helt enkelt om att göra saker o ting på mitt sätt uan att göra som alla andra =).puuusss puuusssssss...*näääeh vi bråkar aaldrig aldrig juuuuh* tihij