12 August 2009

Someone is naked in the woods

I just made blackberry muffins from the berries I found near this spot. The neighbourhood kids are having a very loud waterfight outside so I can't lay in the grass and think about things. Like... feelings... and food... and.. and feelings. The cat also looks a tad disturbed. I could see his eyes glowing when the rain stopped. But when the rain ends, the kids come. You know. That's and old saying. How stupid are they though? I mean, when it finally stops falling wet crap from the sky they celebrate it with shooting wet shit on each other instead. Children! I have no words.
I hope you've had a day that's been a little more eventfull than mine.
Yours truly Uli


  1. Och vad jag vet så sitter hon där än idag, Och tar på sig sjä......