19 August 2009

Look. It's me. With a braid.

I found a really pretty dogphoto here <-
And a COMPLETELY GORGEUS ONE here <-, gosh - I could marry that photograph. It is everything I love. Eeev-erything. And well yes, off course I love Robert too. But I can't put him in a frame and hang him on the wall.
And while we're talking about dogs, here's a really fat one.
Also, THIS illustration is lovely.

I love the internet. There is so much art out there. I can't find shit in our local bookstore.
You know what? I really wish I was selling my photographs or my illustrations. That would be nice. But I'm not. How should I? I don't get the whole business thing. People get so weird when it comes to money and art. Some want to give everything, some don't want to pay shit. They claim they can do it themselves. Bah.

I dedicate this picture to Lollo beacuse he has actually been nice today.
(and yes ---> leave a comment! Come on! Don't be such boring buggers. You know it's rude. Just looking. It's truly bad manners. Do you really wish to be that way? Naaah.)


  1. Naah, I don't want to be that way! The braid is beau-ti-ful!!

  2. why is the picure dedicated to Lolo????whyyyyy isn't there any dedications to meeeeeeeeeeeee!!??you'r dear old sister who's so far far away!