10 August 2009

Fire and Korpus and circus and dog and...

Yes, I like this illustration.
Therefore I am dedicating it TO MYSELF! Oh gosh, you might think, can she do this? Can she act so selfishly? I would have to say that, Yes - yes I can. Because I think I like it more than its viewers will (yes that's you), and therefore it would be a wastefull dedication to give away.
Am I bitter?
No, I have actually had a perfect day.
Ooo, and I found out that Yann Tiersen is coming to Malmö on monday - that's awesome. And Sarah Brasko too, on the same day! Remember I have one of her music videos just on a post below?
Oh well. Thank you for looking at Ulicam today - I like viewers. I like mashed potatoes too.
Bye bye in your pants,

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