02 July 2009

When 2 people find a cat

Me and Robert took a little evening walk yesterday and found this some what dumb looking cat. Gosh these photos made me laught... I had to share them with some one. So you people have to take the fall! The pictures of me are off course taken by Robert.

Today I've been passing out on the beach...leaving me pink as a pig. Crap.


  1. Haha, de fick mig att skratta också. Dumb-cat is not amused liksom.

  2. Hih, aa eller hur, hans ser ytterst kritisk ut...suck..dom psyko ögonen...

  3. Hahahaha! Oh cats, I love them! And I love how some cats can look a bit dumb, hahaha :)
    It's one of the reasons I love to look at Icanhascheezburger.com!