16 June 2009

Worn out

Behe, so the interview at the game academy was.... eeeeeeh. Don't know. It was a mix between drawing a matchbox in 3 angles, drawing yourself as a mutant (I drew myself as a topless squidmutant) and having an interview. One of Roberts friends was interviewing me actually - there you go! That was good, because the other guy was such a banana. We have homework untill next week... to draw the boss in a top-down RPG-game.
But, no time to rest, today and tomorrow I have testdays at Lunds industrialdesign. Which is really important to nail... since that school is really good, I think I will play desperate at this one. It's my last one... so I might as well BEG! 
 Please please take me! Take me now!!

Fuuuck, I feel like I've done a pretty half ass job at all of the schools, it's time to get a grip. I tried telling Robert yesterday about how I was going to end up with a fat ass working with economy or something - I don't think that he thought that that would be a very sexy thing to do. 
 Beacuse you know... design on the other hand - is such a sexy thing.

 Robert, can't we flee the country and start designing toys in a cool place?

1 comment:

  1. we totally should! close to the forest and a lake. so we can climb trees and build a floating raft with a house on so you can sit out in the middle of the lake and have a bbq. even when its raining. :)

    anyways, i wish you best of luck on these interviews and tests.
    if you get confused - run to the toilet and call me on the cellphone and ill try to help you out! :)

    and dont forget to call me when you're done and tell me how it went!