26 June 2009

when Uli gets really GOOD news

So it has finally come. The day that I've waited for over a year. You know, the day when the icky big rock in the stommack finally blazes of to hell.
It started like this. The Game academy wrote to me that I was accepted to their school and wanted me to give them an answer before the second of July... this was a problem since I wouldn't have the answers from the other schools before the middle of July. So I gave the Industrial design school a rang and checked when in July they were going to send me some news. But the lady went; well, I can check it for you now. And then it was like...

You're in

What? How? When? How? 
I bounced upp and down in my room and simply couldn't believe it. I actually got my first choice. All that hard work actually payed off in the end. It's nuts. I slept so good last night. But this morning, off course, I had to call the lady again and ask politely "Could you check it again... I'm afraid that you maybe mixed me up with some one else". But they hadn't. I'm actually in.

So now I feel like I can really have summer vacation. All the angst from the last...eeh... 15 months has finally let go of me. And it feels so good. I feel like a little kid again.


  1. nice!
    i was a little scared that you would move away from me.. im really glad you got in! congrats! :)

  2. Many, many congratulations! Finally those f-ckers got themselves together! You are soo worth this recognition and encouragement.

    P.S Perhaps a cat is what is needed to get up early enough to catch the morning light in the summer! I have still very seldom managed to get out of bed this time.

  3. Why the hell has Louis so much fur all of the sudden..isn't it supposed to be summer or are u just feeding him too much??? *tess worrying sick for her little baby*

  4. Haha, dumme syster, det här är en gammal bild från vintern, oroa dig inte!

    Tack roberto och Hans.

  5. Jeg visste det ville bli noe stort av deg før eller siden! En dag skal jeg sitte med en nyttig eller unyttig sak foran meg, og si til mine barnebarn: denne har Ulrika designet, hun som var i Lofoten to år i begynnelsen av dette århundret...

    Alt det beste ønskes deg for sommeren og framtiden. Blir det Lofot-besøk med det første? John

  6. Tack tack John, jag ska se till att designa något coolt så att du inte behöver skämmas inför dina barnbarn. Tror inte det blir Lofoten någon gång snart, fast en dag kommer jag nog tillbaka... men en stor vacker hund som jag kan rasta ute på kabelvåg marka!

  7. Congratulations!! So nice for you! Good job :)