12 June 2009

The twoheaded beast

This one is still in working progress. My favorite one so far.
 I'm tired of the terrorist cat attacking all the feathers on my floor, drinking the plaster water and playing around with my pinecones... so I'm putting everything away for today. Think I'll go and sit at Vanjas café all day. Lolo just likes to attack everything. Tess, just so you know - he was eating on your computer this morning and licking a photo of you for 5 minutes untill I threw a stuffed animal at him.

And then... why will I be sitting at a café all day? Well... because the weather is SHIT outside. What kind of summer is this? It's blowing, ice cold and raining. I remember during the spring when I sat with Vanja and dreamed away about the summer, how I would just be laying on the beach all day and working on my tan... and Vanja said that I have to remember that we're in Sweden and that it might not end up like that. But I sure as hell didn't listen to her. And now what? Will there even be strawberries after this kind of storms?
 I'm dropping by a couple of travel agencies today to get some brochures... because I'm sure going to steal Robert away and flee the country. 

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  1. oh right...he always licks my photos when he misses me ;)...hohoho.my why god why did he eat my computer???