18 June 2009

Tasks and nightmares

 Yesterday was the last testday at the industrial design school. We had to make a storyboard of us eating breakfast in the morning, then we got some junk (ricepaper, wire, folie and string) and out of that we were to make a construction that showed an interesting lightpicture, then it was my time in the inteview room... that was easy (compared to the rest) and in the end we had 20 minutes to make some junk to put in an envelope that showed what made me diffrent from everyone else.
 So tonight I had like 200 nightmares in a row about diffrent schools that kept giving me diffrent tasks and I kept waking Robert up mumbling I'm so confused... so confused

 Tess is the model in the photo above.

 Peace out.

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  1. Grattis du är nu en av finalisterna i tävlingen här: http://fotourval.wordpress.com/2009/09/17/finalisterna-i-tavlingen-med-temat-enkelhet/

    Lycka till!
    Mvh, Maria & Linus