23 June 2009

SuperUli in the night

SuperUli seems to be out on a mission... or sleepwalking. It's hard to tell.
See resent superUlis here and here.

* * * * * * *
Thank you Robert for showing me how to make smoke and helping me out in the night! (You know, we (I?) underestimated flashing it twice, we should try that again next time). Making this SuperUli photo was really fun. But I almost fell into the river that was 4 inches away from me.

Right now on the other hand, I'm out in the garden with Lolo sunbathing... but it's sooo hot that i think I'll have to sweep down to the ocean. See you tomorrow!
Love Uli

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  1. vad fasen är grejen du har i handen??fattar nada :P.