14 June 2009

I only draw in Black and White

After my saying about color, why the hell do I only draw in black and white?
Well, I have to tell you a secret... I'm just not that good at drawing. Coloring confuses me. It get's messy. I don't get it. An experienced artist would surely very easily point a finger at me and laugh.


Then laugh! I don't care! I didn't care when the kids threw wet napkins at me in high school, so why should I care now?
 (Vanja, don't tell anyone about me crying in the bathroom afterwards)

P.S All you ulicam:ers who don't use mac, I don't know why there is a big white space under the image before the text... I am not doing this. It is utterly confusing. I should fix it. But I just don't know what to do.

P.S.S I like these condoms

1 comment:

  1. Den här bilden påminer mig om när vårt marsvin försökte para sig med kaninerna hahahaha
    (ps. I wont tell anyone about the dassrum ;)