07 June 2009

Dogs and Feathers

I was supposed to go and find some dogpeople in the park today (for a new project)... but I only found one... because it had started raining and off course I thought that people with dogs don't care about rain. But they do. So some poor dogs have probably shit their pants today. Anyway, I went around in my umbrella and collected feathers instead... I want to make dogs in plaster with birdfeathers on their backs. I mean... that has to be cool. Right?

The dog on the photo above is Hepsija, I probably took this picture when I was 11 or something. Åeh... it breaks my heart to see her sad little face again.


  1. I understand. But without memories life is like weak juice.

  2. she WASN'T sad...she was the happiest dog in the world!!!