13 June 2009

Color is COOL

Today I would like to write about color photography.
Before I start I have to say that there is some really nice black and white photography out there... and sometimes draging the saturation down to zero is just the right thing to do. But sometimes, boys and girls, this is people just beeing lazy
 It's not like I'm not lazy now and then. Look - if I sharpen the picture up, crop it a little and make it in black and white it kinda looks fat! But really, it isn't. And if you've had a lot of contact with newbeginner photographers, you can very easily tell the actual black and white from the fake one. Is there real bw and fake bw?
Yes there is!
Stop taking the color away from crap photography!
I have started to love color in photography. Imagine the frustration when you had amazing color combinations back in the late 19th century and you just couldn't capture it! But then, there were so many photographers who panicked when they suddenly were supposed to go from black and white to color. All of a sudden they had so much more to think about. And that is very true! Annie Leibovitz beeing one of these by the way. Making a really good juicy color combination is a hell lot harder than making a black and white photo of a frickin chairs shadow next to a window (see Stewie Griffins exact quote here). Don't take pictures of furniture and their shadow... who wants to see that? I don't. My father doesn't. Our car Lolo sure as hell doesn't. But he doesn't give a crap about anything. I swear to god.

All I want to say is - color is cool... so yeah, there you have it... and and... black and white is really boring, don't say that you like black and white photography... that's just a disturbing thing to say.
 That's like saying... I like orange food. Because a lot of old things and like... things going out of the body in different directions can be orange too. So there you have it.


  1. shoop da woop!
    if making something b/w, sharpening it up and/or change the levels so it looks overexposed makes it look better, i think you should do it.. even if its 'cheap' :)

    mostly because asking someone to stop polishing their shitty images is like saying "if you're not world class - dont even try!".

    but yes, color is more impressive if you can get it right but its, as you said, a lot harder.

    btw are those space-dogs checking out your ass?!
    oh well, i guess i would too if i were there :)

    see you tomorrow babe!

  2. Men... det var ju inte alls det jag menade, att man inte ska fortsätta försöka, man ska alltid fortsätta! Men man ska inte få för sig att riktigt dåliga grejer plötsligt är bra.

    Och jo... rymdhundarna är väldigt sexuellt laddade ;)