08 June 2009

Cloudy hungry monday

hello all you ulicam:ers, who ever you are (yes, I say it again - I have no clue, why don't some of you peek out of your panties and say a word for once)
 Gosh I'm hungry today. I just eat and eat and never feel full... why? I've made my first plaster dog/mouse... I really like it. My sculpturing is getting better. I want to buy my art... yeah!
 I also went to the library and got a book about aprins (awesome!!) and about how to make a teddy and how to dress like a princess. Why do I need this? Well, everyone gets their inspiration from diffrent things. And then I went to the toystore and found this bag of plastic animals... rabbit, fox, squirrel... it's fantastic. 
 Tomorrow I'm heading up to Växjö for my next interview (design)... I will try not to make an complete ass of myself this time. But who knowes... I'm might just fall on my face and fart at the same time, these things do happen!

My boyfriend sent me a great picture of a lightswitch, check it out!

Peace out all you farters!


  1. Ok, let’s say something.
    Greetings from Bruxelles.

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