15 June 2009

Bye Tess

My sister has gone of to Italy again. Lolo the cat is left in the house... leaving a weird smell no one can find the source too.

I have an interview at the game academy in Malmö today.  So no time to write... have to figure out what I'm going to say.


  1. cool picture!
    and good luck with the interview babe! :P

  2. I like your photos shared here, and the way you write about your personal artistic practice... Good luck with your interview.

  3. Thanxs rooobbiiiiee!

    Gracia: Thank you so much, I really really like your work too! I checked it out a few months ago, it's so personal and sweet :)

  4. I look fucking messed up babe! kunde du inte ha valt en liiiiite gulligare bild :P? ser ut som den mest olyckliga prinsessan på denna jord :P!miss u daaaaaaarling..lycka till på industridesign intervjun imorrn!puusssss