25 June 2009

05.00 A.M

The cat came home at 04.00 A.M after his night of partying. He woke me up and after that I thought that I might as well take a little photo trip out while the light was nice. So I took my princess dress, my camera - jumped on my bike and made this photo. 
 I thought that finally I could jump around the meadows dressed in whatever beacuse no one would be out strolling around disturbing me. 
Mornings are nice. I got home soon after 05.00 and then I made some breakfast and went to the gym for their morning yoga session. After that I had my second breakfast and then I took of to the garden store to buy flowers and after that I busted my ass of in the garden, cutting the grass, buzzing the bushes, planting some flowers and scrubbing the house fasade.
 When I was done with that I met up with my mother to go get strawberries, and then I met with Robert... and then very fast.... I got very tired. While I was whining like a little kid, Robert might have felt like he was in a kindergarden.


  1. haha it wasnt so bad :)

    cool picture by the way! looks like its been taken from a fairytale.

    and congratulations... :D


  2. Det var et nydelig bilde Ulrika, har lyst å henge det opp på veggen min på rommet:) Gratulerer med plass på industridesign forresten! :) Håper alt er bra med deg!

    Mange klemmer fra Anne-Line <3

  3. Tusen tack Linus ^_^ Hoppas allt är bra med dig också!