29 June 2009

04.00 A.M

It was an early day this morning as well. But the cat didn't wake me. My alarm did. When I opened the front door to head out to meet my friend the white horse again, the cat simply sat there in the fresh morning air.
 I think that I have to scroll for locations the night before the morning I am to wake up. Otherwise you just end up at the same place. And that's just... lame and flarr-fhllar-y.

The weeked has been really nice. Lot's of sun, food, bathing and chilling. I hope you had it just as nice as me.
Love Uli


  1. så jääääkla lik du är mig på det här fotot....i den "angel" i profil..nästan läskigt!!!

  2. Hih, kanske det ja! Kanske det är du? Va va?

  3. Jaaa... sanningen är ju som vanligt någonstans mitt i mellan. Ni är systrar och därmed 50% av era gener är likadana