19 May 2009

A different SuperUli!

Illustration by Robert Grafström

When I was in Lofoten in februari I asked Robert, who's a 3D artist, if he couldn't make a superuli picture while I was gone. I wanted foxes... with applebazookas. It got started but never finished. But after I made my own superuli sketch he started up on this one again and got it finished :)
 Thank you!

( For you who are wondering about yesterday, the testday was fine, there was some sketching, an interview, some sculpturing. But I can't really say how it went. Who knowes? All I know is that the others were way more nervous than me, I got sort of bored after a while, there were too many pauses and waiting.)


  1. Me loove this superUli pic....you look like such a cutie..and the fox on your shoulder just makes your hart melt with cuteness hahaha

  2. Superuli!!!!
    Har du fått min info angående byggarbetarna i huset imorgon? Yoou have never responded on SMS or e-post.
    20 maj 11.15

  3. Dom var här idag zaze!!! Sluta gnälla nu.