01 May 2009

Sometimes you can't see it

Can you spot the eagle and the dog in the photographs? First is from Norway and second from Poland.

I called my dad yesterday to complain about the fact that I felt like my stommack was in cramp all the time. I had to be allergic to something. I've felt this way for some time now. However, he just started by saying that I was stressed. But I couldn't be stressed! I don't actually do anything! But he said that it wasn't true and that I had a lot on my mind. I hung up and thought about what I did have on my mind. And apperantly, I'm killing myself. You know what, I have been giving myself so much crap for this year, that is, me ending up doing "not much". Instead of just enjoing a year for my self, I kick myself for not having tried hard enough last spring. The phrase Mike Myers said "Stop hitting your self. Stop hitting your self. Why are you still hitting your self?" is ringing in my ears.

Robert could always make me feel completely calm. But he's been gone some time now :(
What more could help me would be some serious laughing, if only Hampus and Patrik were somewhere near by...


  1. ... minnnnnsannnn...här svarar du själv igen. Jag har 173 ggr sagt till dig - slappna av!!!! Förhoppningsvis gör du det nu, finally. Om du inte gör det så får du STYRK både av mig och Louis - jag ska lära honom en säker metod hur han kan fånga dig i trappan

  2. Louis har redan gett mig stryk.
    Ett antal gånger.
    Jag misstänker att han är muterad.
    Imorse gav han mig ett härligt bett i hälen då jag gick upp från sängen.

    ( Btw - jag kan inte riktigt slappna av ännu... men jag tränar på det)

  3. vilka fina bilder! du ser "mer" än andra, det är utmärkt :)