07 May 2009

Hit by car and good news

Yesterday, I was riding my bike home from a museum in heavy wind during sundown. I was about to cross a road (I was on the main road) when this lady just keeps driving her dumb volvo and pushes my bike to the side causing me to fall over on the sidewalk... making me feel like a little kid (specially since I was wearing tights). I rubbed the grass of my knee and pulled my bike ULLA B back up. The lady gets out and says "Are you ok? I didn't see you beacuse of the sun!".
Shit. Didn't see me beacuse of the sun? Did you learn to drive yesterday lady? I said nothing and got back on Ulla, only to nearly collide with some kid that was on the wrong side of the road.
Does everyone have the sun in their eyes??

Apart from that, got a letter from the industrial design school in Lund (it's the IKEA guy that has founded it) and I'm up for the second round in june! Weird... since everyone keeps saying it's impossible to get in there. Especially some guy that's a student there that I met at a party... when I asked him about the school he just gave me a really arrogant look and pretty much ment that "honey... you've got nothing to do at a place like that... you have to actually be able to draw". I think he was actually mad about the fact that I said no thank you when he asked if we should stop talking and make out. What a farthead.

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  1. everyone DOES have sun in their eyes....they see everything wrong and make wrong decisions...oh my god oh my god..I think I have a new wave of super-depression coming on....