06 May 2009

Cold and rainy

The rain just keeps pooring and I'm cold. I actually feel a little sick even. Kept waking up during the night beeing hot n cold n hot n cold... just like the song you know. So I have curled up with a cup of hot coco with icecream and put on some woolclothes now. Have to start drawing on a picture for the interview in june. But off course... I kinda wish I could slip into a warm bath and read moomin instead. Ok. Maybe I'll do that for lunch.
Wish I had a chair like THIS on a day like this.


  1. crazey weather....soooooob....just wanna cuddle up in bed yepps yepps ad do NOTHING for the whole day and just wait for the weather to get better

  2. hehehehe.. liker stolen. en sånn en skulle man alltid hatt.