22 April 2009

My wishlist

Tomorrow I turn 21. Then I will be twenty something. Holy moly.
I wish for the following things:

1. 20 bunnies in tiny knitted shirts
2. Lots of puppies
3. A baby deer


  1. Nooo, now that you are twenty something, you re a big girl, and you can make your own puppies =)

    Seriøst, 21 er ikke twenty something...tror du må kommer over 23..24 før du for lov til å si det :P

    Because i said so!

    love xoxo. m.m.r

  2. I'n not making my own puppies!!

  3. 21 is a cool age (and my favourite number), I wished I could stay 21 forever, heh (well, maybe not FOREVER forever..).

    The second picture reminded me of this vivid childhood memory: I remembered this one time Hepsija had so many puppies back when you lived here, in Latvia. :) there were 14 of them or something.

    Happy birthday to you and may your wishes come true!

  4. ÅÅeh, yeah, everytime a see a brown dog with lots of puppies I think of Hepsija... they were 14... what I would give to have 14 puppies now!

    How are you by the way? And how in the world did you find my blog?

    kissses from uli