17 April 2009

I streched my ass

Ouch! Bad start of my friday! Some days ago I went jogging ( that is... running now and then and stopping for flowers, horses and tiny rivers that are remarkably more interesting than working out). Anywho, after that day I've got soar legs... and ass offcourse. But today it was gone... and then when I was chasing the cat around the house, I jumped down to get him, and SLAASH, my right ass streched. 
I rolled around on the floor paralyzed when my sister came and wondered what my problem was. Then she gave my this cooling cream... so it feels like I'm peeing my pants all the time.

Sketch above is from typography class, wich I ditched last wendsday after one hour, went home and watched Twilight with a cup of tea in my hand, like any super-sweet-sixteen girl would do. Except for the fact that I'm turning 21 next week.

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