19 April 2009

Feels like a crappy weekend

 I feel like it's been a crappy weekend, although it hasn't really. But just beacuse of the fact that I felt like the partypooper at Minas party yesterday... meaning I was not in a partymood and sat sulking like a buttface, riding my bike home before midnight. And because I miss Robert like crazy... and I'm going nuts by the fact that I haven't heard from him for a long time. No clue if he's alright (he has gone surfing and what now in South America). And then when I was running around in my superhero outfit on a field - some fat ugly lady with a red hillbilly cap told me I shouldn't mess up the farmers grounds. I mean what the **** ?? And then I have to read this slow stupid book about moviesound for school, which honestly just makes me think about how short life is and how I really don't want to keep reading.
But then there's been good bits. Like watching Louis the cat completely torture his friend "duck", and me laying in the sun, reading and getting brown like bajs all saturday morning.


  1. Vi kanske borde skicka ut lappar med Roberts bild och text "have you seen this nisse?"
    Hatar tråkigt plugg!!! Men men man kan inte alltid var på topp. Kanske vi kan ta en lunch på tisdag eller plugga i botan om de e varmt? behöver paus från jobb och plugg innan jag blir en vulkan som sprutar kaffebönor... =P

  2. Ush ja, söte Robert, jag börjar faktiskt bli sjukt orolig, går runt och tänker på det hela tiden :(

    Plugga på botan på tisdag låter bra, jag har skola imorrn så det passar perfekt, jag hör av mig senare!