29 April 2009

During the past year #1

I remember that I told my first boyfriend that photography came first, always, no matter what. He would never have the first place. Hah. I really wasn't in love with him. At all. But it's sort of amazing how devoted I was to it a couple of years ago. Now I feel like I'm getting worse by every day, blaming it on the fact that I have no models to work with... and that I'm getting just a taaaad bored with self-oh-not-again-portraits. On the other hand, it seems like I'm ending up at a design school anyway, so maybe I should take a break.
 I might also not end up anywhere. Then I'll have to work at a spa, cleansing old womens backs.

When riding my bike home last night I saw a rat run across the street. I always like seeing rats in Lund. They look so friendly. Cute rats are here, here, here and here.

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