11 April 2009

Color your eggs with onion!

Morning! Yesterday I taught Robert how to color eggs the old Latvian way... the only way I know how to color eggs really! It's very simple. You pick some tiny flowers and small plants with pattern. Then you go to your supermarket and fish out all the onionshell in the box of yellow onions (not red, their color is too strong). Then you get your eggs, place some flowers and plants to the shell and then you cover the egg with onionshell och spinn it hard together with a thin wire. But remember - the harder you spinn the onionshell to the egg - the more pattern you will get! 
 Then you simply boil them for 11-14 minutes - it's good to put the onionshells that are left in the boiling water as well... for some extra color.
 And then later you get these beautiful golden eggs!
 Happy easter!

(bunnies are a sketch from my boring typography class)


  1. idag fick jag se ägg kokta i juice från röda druvor och i peppermintste.

  2. äsh, ni röker ju på för mycket!

  3. så fina så fina. Var allvarlig och le stort ;) Jag tror inte det finns några tips. Försök att vara dej själv. Jag tror inte det blir några problem. Klart du kommer in! Lycka till.