23 April 2009


So, today is my birthday. The day I become elder than I was yesterday. Like Gandalf. Or Dumbledor. And they're really smart!

I thought I would write down what happend this very day 21 years ago. I think I always get the story wrong, but I'll just write what I remember. My mother, father and sister were living in Liepaja, Latvias second capital. Dad was out in the woods hunting with our dog Hepsija and my mum was home feeling very pregnant. Actually, she felt so pregnant that she went over to our neighbour, the nurse, and told her that she thought it was time for me to pop out. You see, in the block that we lived (yes, just like JLo), there were lots of docters and nurses (my dad beeing one of them) since the hospital was just a few meters away. The nurse stopped cooking her soup, they left my sister at some other neighbours and went to the hospital. When my dad came home there was no one there so he fell asleep. Meanwhile a big snow storm broke out outside. 23th April... that's a pretty late snowstorm. Later he was woken by granma calling to tell him that hallo - you have another daughter. I think they were hoping for a boy actually. So he and my sister wandered out into the deep snow och stopped outside the hospital to se mum do a Michael Jackson and hold me up infront of the window. This was Sovjet, they weren't aloud to go in and see me. You know... keep the baby away from dirty hands! and all that. They didn't know if I should be named Ulrika or Ulla. Ulrika was a very exotic name in Latvia. It still is over there. But somehow I started living in Sweden were every boring brownhaired girl is named that. So now I have no choise but to twist it. Uli it is.


  1. åhh jeg skulle skrive noe virkelig morsomt og vittig nå, men så ble det bare til at jeg ser på J-Lo videoer på youtube... se la vie..
    Anywhos, jeg håper du har en fantastisk dag!


    PS: J-Lo as, serrriøst as...

  2. Du har flera saker som inte alls stämmer beträffande din d.o.b. I have all the facts still in my memory and your mother too.
    I will later tell you how it really was.

  3. Ah... ja men det är ju JLo, once you pop, you can't stop :)

  4. aaah yeeesss...the hood and the ol' block...good times...good times...miss it ;)